A good wearable allows you to accomplish some tasks exceedingly well, even super efficiently, but then a great wearable – it assists you in accomplishing all the tasks you expect it to and then it converges them with unexpected, surprising elements so powerful, they change the context forever. And this is why we believe the Xenxo S-Ring begins, from where other wearables don’t. Xenxo S-Ring is one compact smart ring that is crafted with real solutions to answer multiple flaws that today’s smart wearables haven’t been able to address until now.

The Xenxo S-Ring wraps technology around your little finger, thereby making your world smarter, secure and more seamless than ever before. The ring’s 360-degree functionality is deliberate though, and we – the company co-founder’s, would like you in on the ‘big why’ of the product. Wrap technology around your little finger, accomplish anything and everything by wearing just one little ring – The Xenxo S-Ring. By having specifically developed 12 applications, the ring vests the control of your life in your hands.

Xenxo is one for you, and you are the one who deserves to be a part of the new Generation.

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